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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the orthotics being made by a computer scan or are they generic orthotics?

We do not use a computer scan to make our orthotics. You will receive a custom assessment by our Certified Orthopedic Footwear Specialist or Pedorthist. We can modify our generic sole footbed orthotics for a fee and they are a final sale.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

Since our orthotics are made on site there usually is 2 weeks turn around time to get them made. This make it easier to get an appointment usually within a week.

Is there a charge for the appointment?

No there is no charge. You only pay for the products you receive.

What is a Certified Orthopedic Footwear Specialist?

This is a legacy status presented to founding members who joined together to create the Pedorthic Association of Canada. COFS members laid the foundation of pedorthics and the College of Pedorthics of Canada has verified their competency. These practitioners provide assessments, casting, measuring, and manufacturing of orthoses, orthopaedic.

Why do I need a prescription?

Having a prescription from a healthcare professional protects you. We are following a Doctors prescription and you have made sure that you really do need our services. Most insurance companies and government agencies require a prescription that is dated before the appointment.

How long does it take for the Orthotics to be made?

It takes about two weeks in between your initial appointment to your second appointment.

Do you still make custom shoes?

We no longer make custom shoes.

Will you direct bill my insurance company?

We do not direct bill. We will give you a written receipt and you can submit that to your insurance company.

Why is it important to put a foot orthotic in proper footwear?

A shoe acts as a foundation for the foot and provides a stable base for the foot orthotic. Wearing appropriate footwear is imperative, as the footwear itself is an important treatment method. A foot orthotic can be rendered less effective if it is placed in inferior footwear as the shoe may work against the features of the orthotic. The foot orthotic is only as good as the shoe it goes into.

How long will a foot orthotic last?

The lifespan of a foot orthotic varies from patient to patient. The materials used to make the foot orthotic, the patient’s foot structure, levels of activity, age and physical condition all impact the orthotic’s lifespan. The lifespan of a foot orthotic should not be measured by when the the cover material wears out but by how long the orthotic meets the foot’s changing needs for support, correction and pressure redistribution. If your symptoms begin to return it is a good idea to have your orthotic reassessed to determine if modifications or a new device are necessary.

Do you work with Alberta Aids to Daily Living, AISH, WCB and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada?

Yes we do, for more information regarding these programs please contact our Pedorthist or Custom Orthopedic Footwear Specialist.

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